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Released on 17 April 2018

Download Full Installer 84.77MB


This is a major build with many changes. Please see for details.

NEW: Powerful new Erosion node. NEW: New icons for all nodes. NEW: Soil Map node. NEW: Convector node. NEW: Nodes renamed. See full list below. NEW: Search nodes. Press Ctrl + Tab in the graph to activate. NEW: Heavy nodes are updated on demand only. See the blog for details. NEW: Connection menu for easily connecting nodes. UPDATED: Map Viewer now shows overlay, performs autolevels, and can choose between 2D/3D. UPDATED: Sediment has a new experimental Drift mode to create extreme sediment buildup. UPDATED: Apex updated to include both Apex (Distance) and Pyramids (Slant) modes. UPDATED: Pyramids is now retired. UPDATED: Breaker secondary output for texturing. UPDATED: Flow Map has new functionality, and extended calculation capacity. UPDATED: Option to keep detached viewport on top of other windows. UPDATED: Displace now has a custom input port. UPDATED: Tabs now use icons instead of text. UPDATED: Detached viewport can be set to show Always on top through Preferences. FIX: Gaea will not crash upon exit. FIX: Threshold was broken. FIX: Memory leaks fixed in Threshold, Contrast, Invert, Denoise, Gamma, and Sharpen. FIX: Autolevel strength was not working. FIX: Add Node now parents to the selected node, and not the last node. FIX: Blur showed Sigma slider unnecessarily for the Fast option. FIX: Sine results are now consistent across different resolutions. FIX: Mountain edge blending enhanced. FIX: Connecting nodes from right to left forced unnecessary refresh of the left node. FIX: Sediment mask output enhanced. FIX: Viewport now clears if a node is unselected or deleted. FIX: "High" viewport quality shows shadows. See blog post for details.


  • JErosion is Fluvial
  • SErosion is Alluvium
  • Talus is Deposits


  • The new Erosion node can take a long time to calculate at resolutions above 512 x 512.
  • The new Erosion node does not report progress yet, so it will seem "stuck" but is not.