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Released on 15 January 2019

Download Full Installer 49.32MB

New features and stability improvements.

[New] Graph Portals for organizing graphs.

[Improved] Additional workspace settings now saved. [Improved] Cache directory can be changed in Preferences.

[Fixed] Dropping a node on a connection would not interject it. [Fixed] Graph zoo-to-extents overlapped with the toolbars. [Fixed] New project in Erosion Studio would not change brush. [Fixed] Screenshots path now correctly points to Documents folder. [Fixed] Adding Mixer crashed Gaea. [Fixed] Autosaves were not being cleaned up. [Fixed] Opening a file would reset the workspace. [Fixed] 2D Viewport 1:1 button would not work after mousewheel. [Fixed] Combine was missing. [Fixed] Several minor bugs were addressed.

[Removed] Mask UI zoom.

[Issue] Some Mesher output parameters may be disabled or not register changes. [Issue] Zoom slider may not accept numeric entry. [Issue] Undo does not work correctly in some cases. [Issue] Some example files may not work completely.