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Released on 25 December 2018

Download Full Installer 51.43MB

Major stability improvements, and a new viewport type!

[New] New 2D viewport.

[Improved] Memory and performance optimizations in erosion. [Improved] Saved files no longer suffixed with OUTPUT for default port. [Improved] Build now saves files as they're built.

[Fixed] Erosion would consume too much memory. [Fixed] Deleting multiple items was incorrect. [Fixed] Popups had an extra expanded. [Fixed] Changing settings on a large graph was too slow. [Fixed] Lighting in First Person view was too bright. [Fixed] Several other minor fixes.

[Issue] Some Mesher output parameters may be disabled or not register changes. [Issue] Zoom slider may not accept numeric entry. [Issue] Undo does not work correctly in some cases. [Issue] 16k and higher build sizes are not available yet. [Issue] Some example files may not work completely.