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Released on 10 December 2018

Download Full Installer 45.56MB

Major stability improvements, and new tools.

[Re-released to fix a late breaking bug in 7090-94]

[New] Thermal Erosion node. [New] RGBMix and RGBSplit nodes added. [New] ColorFx node added. [New] Normal Map node.

[Improved] Several core operations optimized for more faster interactions. [Improved] Autolayout for compact nodes. [Improved] Autolevel node editor. [Improved] Denoise node editor. [Improved] New icons and better placement for large (extended) nodes. [Improved] Auto connect menu has better readability, and now only shows allowed ports. [Improved] Suspend engine warning visual. [Improved] Auto Apply Lock (per node) for heavy nodes. [Improved] Preferences dialog simplified. [Improved] First run dialog simplified. [Improved] Bypass, Delete, Save multiple selected nodes. [Improved] Improvements and optimizations for Erosion and Snow nodes. [Improved] If Visualization port is empty, color map is shown on a flat plane.

[Fixed] Cache would not refresh on file load. [Fixed] Interface lost focus after panning the graph. [Fixed] Nodes would not refresh in certain contexts. [Fixed] Nodes related to deleted connections are updated properly. [Fixed] CLUTer editor would become unstable. [Fixed] Breaker was not visible at certain resolutions. [Fixed] Node would not update visually when changing connections. [Fixed] Context menu accelerators added. [Fixed] Duplicating several nodes broke the property editor. [Fixed] Ridged Perlin was inverted. [Fixed] Autolayout fixed for small nodes. [Fixed] Terrain scale was malformed in older files. [Fixed] TORX files were not recognized. [Fixed] Incorrect terrain when shown when visualizing color nodes. [Fixed] Several smaller bugs fixed.

[Removed] Obsolete denoise option removed. [Removed] BrightnessContrast and HSL removed. Use ColorFx instead.

[Issue] Some Mesher output parameters may be disabled or not register changes. [Issue] Zoom slider may not accept numeric entry. [Issue] Undo does not work correctly in some cases. [Issue] 16k and higher build sizes are not available yet. [Issue] Some example files may not work completely.