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Released on 24 November 2018

Download Full Installer 45.48MB

Major changes, a new UI update, better toolbox, and more.

[New] Enhanced user interface, with new color coded property sheets. [New] Node properties are organized into groups. [New] Save workspaces preferences. [New] Suspend button to disable processing. [New] UI scaling.

[Improved] Startup speed improved. [Improved] Startup dialog now has additional options, access to Preferences, and more. [Improved] Better font readability throughout the application.

[Fixed] Mask node failed on build. [Fixed] Erosion would not show progress in some situations. [Fixed] Snow would not show progress in some situations. [Fixed] Node refreshing architecture improved. [Fixed] Affected nodes are not refreshed when deleting a node. [Fixed] Undo button was not visible in Erosion Studio.

[Removed] OpenEXR 32-bit support removed temporarily. OpenEXR will use 16-bit half float. [Removed] Directed Erosion node removed permanently, including backward compatibility support. Use Erosion Studio instead.

[Issue] Some Mesher output parameters may be disabled or not register changes. [Issue] Undo does not work correctly in some cases. [Issue] 16k and higher build sizes are not available yet. [Issue] Some example files may not work completely.