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Released on 07 November 2018

Download Full Installer 45.73MB

An important update with mask painting, mesh export, and many fixes.

[New] Resource Manager to embed files in the project. [New] Resource node for consuming embedded resources. [New] Mask node for drawable masks. [New] Mesh output node.

[Improved] Visualization engine update for better compatibility and performance. [Improved] Snow simulation updated with new options, and better realism. [Improved] Erosion simulation updated with new options, and better realism. [Improved] Right-click a node to set display type. [Improved] TOR and TORX (Enterprise Edition) file formats changed for new tools. [Improved] UI colors adjusted for better contrast. [Improved] FileInput has better resampling. [Improved] Several performance improvements. [Improved] SMAA - Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing (when available) in viewport

[Fixed] OpenCL needed to be disabled by force. [Fixed] Cache corruption in HSL, Surfacer, Breakup, Buildup, Fusion, Constant, Dunes, Fault, Igneous. [Fixed] Mask and Color output would show as spikes in viewport. [Fixed] Mask/Display override was not honored in descendants. [Fixed] Output node would not save in many instances. [Fixed] Biome may show some unnecessary noise. [Fixed] Refresh did not propagate changes in all instances. [Fixed] Pinned node did not update terrain in some cases. [Fixed] There may be some cursor offset issues in Erosion Studio. [Fixed] Layers mode now works with Presets. [Fixed] Hang on splash screen. [Fixed] Contrast bleed in viewport color output. [Fixed] 2D Map Viewer did not update dropdown when changing nodes. [Fixed] Contours are back. (Contour export coming soon)

[Removed] Bleeding Edge engine removed in favor of new Hybrid engine.

[Issue] Some Mesher output parameters may be disabled or not register changes. [Issue] Undo does not work correctly in some cases. [Issue] 16k and higher build sizes are not available yet. [Issue] Some example files may not work completely.