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Released on 05 October 2018

Download Full Installer 46.05MB

This is a ciritical build that fixes several issues from EAP 6000 and 6001.

[New] MSI based installer.

[Improved] SatMaps now has input and output color modifiers.

[Fixed] Erosion data maps were inconsistent or blank. [Fixed] Several issues fixed in the New Engine. [Fixed] Viewport color gamma was off. [Fixed] Heightfield outputs now forced to Linear color space. [Fixed] Right-clicking would close popups. [Issue] Undo does not work correctly in some cases. [Issue] There may be some cursor offset issues in Erosion Studio. [Issue] 16k and higher build sizes are not available yet. [Issue] Biome may show some unnecessary noise. [Issue] Some example files may not work completely. [Issue] The new viewport may not function properly with some superficial features.