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Released on 10 March 2020

Download Full Installer 43.78MB

What's new in Gaea

A major leap forward for Gaea

Gaea 1.2 represents one of the largest sets of features added to Gaea since the original 1.0 release.


WARNING: This version is not production ready yet. Please backup any .TOR documents before opening them in this Bleeding Edge build. Gaea 1.2 will alter your files in a way that may make them unusable in previous versions.

Complete Changelog


  • Gaea 1.2 UI overhaul.
  • Erosion Studio 1.2 UI and systemic overhaul.
  • Improved startup experience.
  • Portals 2.0.
  • Infinity Graph: Divide your graph into multiple tabs.
  • Infinity Graph: Import and export partial graphs.
  • Viewport: Overhauled viewport and render system.
  • Viewport: Preview mesh density/LOD.
  • Viewport: Alt + MMB zooming option.
  • Viewport: Q + E vertical navigation.
  • Viewport: Optional grid and compass in viewport.
  • Cache session on exit.
  • Toolbox: New docking options for toolbox: full height, top only, bottom only, and hidden.
  • Toolbox: New expert mode in Toolbox for veteran users.
  • Toolbox: Quick switch to shift between Most Used and all nodes.
  • Fourth node style: Filament.
  • Passive Optimizer for improving memory management.
  • Session cache manager.
  • RAM and HDD cache indicators.
  • Descriptive tooltips for all nodes in the toolbox.
  • New Preferences dialog.
  • New About dialog.
  • Build Manager UI simplified, and merged with main UI.

Erosion Studio

  • Redesigned system for better performance.
  • Undo was broken.
  • New Erosion tools.
  • New Snow tools.
  • Custom brush shapes.
  • Faster execution and project loading.
  • Reverted the UI back to Erosion Studio's classic layout with fixed sidebar.
  • Advanced mode for each brush to configure your own settings.

Node Updates

  • New: Rock Maps node.
  • New: Cartography node.
  • New: Lakes node.
  • New: MultiCombine node.
  • New: Stacks node.
  • New: Draw node 2.0 with new options.
  • New: Flow Map 2.0 with flow separation.
  • New: Fractal option for Terrace node.
  • Dunes: Chaotic mode reworked.
  • Light node now out of preview. Quality settings and preset support added.
  • Output node can now save entire node, removing the need to have an output node per output.
  • Constant node can now produce height or color.
  • SatMaps: Improved favorites system.
  • SatMaps: Sampling density option.
  • Mask node can now be copy-pasted between files.
  • Fixed stepping artifacts created in Snowfall node.
  • Redesigned editor for Mask node.
  • Redesigned editor for Islands node.
  • Redesigned editor for Draw node.
  • Coast: moved to new Water category.
  • Snow: renamed to Snowfall, moved to new Snow category.
  • Selectors category merged with Data Maps.
  • Erosion: Random Sedimentation setting for Selective Processing.
  • Erosion: Obsolete 'Debris' setting removed.
  • Erosion: Inverse option added for height and slope biases.
  • Erosion: Minimum feature size lowered to 5 meters from 50m.
  • Coast: value limits increased.
  • Coast: option to get value from viewport.
  • Nodes can now have hidden ports.
  • Improved naming for ports.


  • Remember preview resolution for saved files.
  • Loading options for files: forcing low resolution, suspending engine.
  • Baking resolution limit increased to 8K.
  • Faster loading of baked caches.
  • Connecting two "out" ports creates a Combine.
  • Search for portals in node searches.
  • Options: Cache Limit and warning system.
  • Options: Sensitivity customization for stylus users.
  • Options: Hide node categories in node drag-out menus.
  • Progress bars move to bottom right corner for improved visibility
  • New colors for progress bars to clearly indicate progress of current task vs all tasks.
  • Gaea now correctly recognizes 2D maps in a chain and switches from terrain to mask view as required.
  • Viewport lighting presets.
  • (Enterprise only) Gaea TORX file format version now synced to actual build used.
  • Sliders with unchanged values displayed with slightly muted colors.


  • Nodes created while searching were placed incorrectly.
  • Search text would not clear in some situations.
  • Forcing refresh/invalidation of nodes should not affect baked nodes.
  • Unbaking a node did not refresh the editor.
  • Color nodes exported as TIFF would be grayscale.
  • Accidental double-clicking of title bar area fixed.
  • Progress would not update in some situations.
  • Light node preview was not consistent in both viewports.
  • MultiMix (F8) would require manual node refresh in many situations.
  • Autolevel Mask post process function was broken.
  • Setting "Display As" for a node would not refresh preview.
  • Post Process stack did not update properly when resetting node.
  • 20+ other bugs fixed in Erosion Studio.
  • 20+ other bugs related to lighting and preview caching.
  • 30+ other bug fixes for baking related issues.
  • Addressed 26 bugs that could potentially crash Gaea in some situations.
  • Most Used nodes now include favorites regardless of usage stats.


  • All existing Erosion Studio projects will not work because of the complete overhaul.
  • "Base" height, part of the terrain definition, has been removed. All terrains now start at 0m for easier consumption.
  • Due to unavoidable changes in our randomizer some nodes - namely SlopeNoise, Noise, LineNoise, and Rocks - will no longer be able to create the same shape as in previous Gaea versions. If those shapes are crucial, please see [THIS LINK]. Article coming soon