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Released on 11 February 2020

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What's new in Gaea

Stability + Fixes

Complete Changelog


  • Builds can now use bake cache when resolution is same or lower.

Node Updates

  • Coast enhanced with larger maximum values.
  • Combine can now accept both heightfield and color inputs.
  • Mesher now has option to create or skip walls for the side of the meshes.


  • 3D/2D lighting toggle added to the main toolbar.
  • Several minor improvements for new viewport render system.


  • Gaea.Build.exe would not execute properly when run from command line or scripts.
  • RGBMix and RGBSplit were broken.
  • Cells now honors minimum values for Size and Chaos.
  • Vegetation would throw error on creation.
  • Mesher output improved. Excess "wall" artifact removed.
  • Mesh Export options in Build Manager have been removed. Use Mesher node instead.
  • Output node now behaves properly in Build Manager when 'Save to Build Folder' is enabled.
  • Node created from search box would not be placed correctly.
  • Installer would not register custom data path.
  • Quickstarts would not show with custom data path.
  • Presets would not show with custom data path.

Known Issues

  • Hybrid mode in Erosion may cause blank output in higher resolutions. Use Linear mode instead.
  • Floating 2D viewport may unduly affect 3D viewport while main 2D viewport is running.
  • Light node is in preview. Final version may differ and break compatibility.
  • The Water system is not fully compatible with the new render system, and may show artifacts.
  • Materials popup is no longer available. A replacement for it will be introduced in Gaea 1.2.