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Released on 09 October 2019

Download Full Installer 44.87MB

We have revised 1.0.28 and this is an update to the previous Bleeding Edge build. We highly recommend updating.

Complete Changelog



  • Performance improvements for managing files.


  • Minor updates to the viewport freezing bug.
  • Unnecessary reprocessing when loading files.
  • Indie version did not show resolution warning.
  • Several internal bug fixes.



  • Predictive services, with the ability to learn from existing terrains.
  • New Toolbox compact mode.
  • Toolbox can now optionally show most-used nodes only.
  • Copy/Paste settings between nodes.

Node Updates

  • Cracks node is now up to 50% faster.
  • Shaper node now has a Details slider for better control.
  • New Mask Autolevel post process option.
  • Normal map now has a new 8-point process.
  • Output node improved, allow saving to build folder, and accept color nodes.
  • Splat can now be clamped to a combined total of 1.0.
  • ColorFx now supports Flip operations.


  • Node drop spacing refined.
  • Build Swarm rewritten for faster execution and automation.
  • 2D view speed improved by up to 8x for higher resolutions.
  • Node-connect menu replaced with a more straightforward menu.
  • Right-clicking a slider now automatically focuses on the entry field.
  • Tab-search for nodes now automatically connects the selected node.
  • Watson diagnostics improved with additional options and benchmark tests.
  • Property panel shows hints and warnings for volatile settings.
  • Microincrements hover state improved for mouse interactions.
  • Several minor efficiency improvements.
  • Build title bar shows overall progress and time elapsed.


  • Island editor would not show overlay on re-edit.
  • Better stability with pinning for color.
  • Build error when overwriting files, when output is a fixed folder path.
  • Erosion Studio output was incorrect.
  • TIFF and PNG output improved.
  • Loading a file with a single node could freeze editor.
  • Unknown parameter warning when building.
  • Builds failed because of incorrect hardware detection.
  • Mesher incorrectly showed format dropdown.
  • License would not be recognized properly.
  • 2D view would incorrectly snap to fit-all when resizing.
  • Autolayout and node-dropping vertical space fine tuned.
  • Splitter bar would remain visible when repeatedly changing toolbox layout.
  • On first run, Gaea won't ask for the Document path.

Known Issues

  • The viewport may stop responding on some installations. Restarting Gaea should fix this. We're working on a fix.
  • Hybrid mode in Erosion may cause blank output in higher resolutions. Use Linear mode instead.